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Don’t you know that there is a lot of things that your Google home can do for you? You may even not know some of them. It’s more than just your personal assistant. Now, let’s say you just bought yourself a brand new Google home smart speaker. So now let’s see how to make the most of your new purchase. 

Let’s start with a refresher on the basics. The Google home, Google home mini and Google home Max are all what are called smart speakers. That means they respond to your voice commands. So yes they’re technically always listening to you but they’ll only actually record and respond to what you say after you get their attention using the wake words.

Those words are hey Google or okay Google. If you don’t feel like talking or there’s a lot of background noise, you can touch any of Google’s smart speakers to perform some basic functions.

Google Home Smart Speaker

All of them have a physical mute button which turns off the microphone. They each have physical volume controls. You can play or pause music with a tap plus you can wake up the original Google home with a touch instead of the wake words. Still you’ll need to use your voice for most of Google homes’ functions.

Google Home As Your Personal DJ

All the Google home speakers make use of a digital assistant plainly called Google assistant and it’s more than just a pleasant voice. It can actually be your personal DJ. Chances are you can just ask Google to play your favorite song and it’ll agree and start playing. If not, you might need to subscribe to one of Google’s compatible music services.

Right now you can pick from Google Play Music, YouTube music, Spotify or Pandora. You can select any of those services as your default so that when you search for a song, Google will look there first.

The Benefits of Google Home’s Built-in Bluetooth

Your Google home also has bluetooth built-in. So if the sound quality isn’t up to snuff, you can tell your Google home to play a song and it can then cast the song to another better speaker over Bluetooth.

You can even set that other speaker as your default for music playback so it’ll automatically start playing songs there. You can cast music to your TV too as Google home can also sync up with other devices through chromecast streamers.

If you don’t know the name of the song you want to listen to you can actually search by lyrics and Google will help you out. Or if you’re not looking for something specific you can just ask for a playlist of a type of music. You can even create groups of speakers and have google play the same song and all of them at once to get your whole house party.

Google Home As a Personal Assistant

So Google home is pretty good for playing your music. It’s even better as a personalized assistant. Using the Google home app, you can train it to recognize up to six different voices then sync it with Google Calendar or Google Maps and you can ask it what’s on your schedule, what’s traffic like on your way to work. If someone else asks the same question they’ll get a different tailored response.

Google Home as a personal assistant

Google Home Can Be Used For Shopping Online

Better yet because it knows your voice, you can use this smart speaker to shop and it’ll verify your purchase simply by recognizing your voice. you’ll want to be careful with this functionality though. We found we were able to fool it’s voice recognition feature.

Other Things That Google Home Can Also Do For You

  • You can make calls using this smart speaker.
  • You can also use your GH to ask for step by step recipe assistance.
  • you can issue multiple commands at once.
  • you can even broadcast a message to other Google homes in your house, so you can let the kids know it’s time for dinner without needing to shout.

Google Home’s New Feature Called Routines

With a feature called routines, you can customize your assistance even further.

  • Say something like “good morning or I’m leaving”.
  • You can have Google tell you about your commute.
  • Play the news.
  • Turn on the lights and lock the doors.

Use Google Home To Control Your Smart Home Gadgets

In fact, you can use Google home to control quite a few different smart home gadgets both through routines and through direct commands.

Right now Google works with these different home gadgets mentioned below:

  • Smart locks
  • Smart lights
  • Smart switches
  • Thermostats
  • Some Cars
  • Sprinklers
  • Security systems
  • And large appliances.

You obviously don’t need to take advantage of everything that this smart speaker can do. But dive into an area that interests you and you’ll find your new smart speaker can do a lot more than just what you think it can.

I hope this article will help you a lot in using your Google Home to its fullest potential. If you have any experiences, suggestion or idea about how to use Google Home to the fullest, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment down below.

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