Yuneec Typhoon H vs DJI Phantom 4

This article for today is all about the two high tech drones already available in the market today. And I’m talking about the Yuneec Typhoon H and Phantom 4. And in this article, I’m going to compare who is the best between these two– The Yuneec Typhoon H vs DJI Phantom 4. For those who do not know, both of these are high tech drones that you might want to know more before having one. 

Yuneec Typhoon H vs DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Vs Yuneec Typhoon H

Now the newest DJI Phantom is the P4 Pro and honestly the series of DJI Phantom drones just keep getting better and better. But now we can see the new Yuneec Typhoon H and it’s boasting some new added features that the phantom 4 doesn’t have, just like the ones listed below:

  • A monitor with built-in video
  • A 360-Degree Camera Gimble
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Many more 

The Typhoon H has a ton of different parts with different pieces. It’s very cool that you can find some extras as well that buyers would expect they normally charge for like the items listed below:

  • A Sunshade for your eyes as protection
  • A neck strap use for the controller
  • A car adapter use to charge batteries while on the go,
  • The foam case

Everything comes in fits everything nicely. However, it’s disappointing that they didn’t include a strap or handle to use it as a travel case like the DJI phantom for the foldable arms are nice. Definitely a needed feature being a large hexacopter. The Carbon fiber makes it lightweight however It is still heavier and bulkier than the Phantom 4.

Battery Features of Yuneec Typhoon H Vs DJI Phantom 4 

Battery Features and Indicator

Next up the battery is rated for up to 22 minutes of flight time while the Phantom 4 is around 28 minutes. However, the biggest difference in my opinion is the built-in battery indicator.  Seriously the Typhoon H batteries don’t have this. This battery indicator is very important since it allows me quick efficient and safe checking of battery levels anytime anywhere. This is so basic and on top of all that even the app on Typhoon H doesn’t show a battery percentage, just some lame voltage gauge. While on the Phantom 4, they not only include all this but it also tells us an estimated flight time left in the app. This is a huge safety feature that I can’t believe Yuneec Typhoon H left out.

The Controller of Yuneec Typhoon H vs DJI Phantom 4

The Controller of Yuneec Typhoon H vs DJI Phantom 4

Moving on the all in one ST 16 controller. It comes with a ton of dials and switches to each on its own. If you like that versus the simplicity of the Phantom controller. The biggest feature is that they included a built-in video monitor that’s actually running Android 4.4 kitkat. On one hand I like the idea of a built-in screen. But it also makes the controller massive, much less portable and harder to carry around; plus It takes a while for it to simply boot up. However, you can appreciate that they included an HDMI output built-in.

The App Features of Yuneec Typhoon H vs DJI Phantom 4

In regards to the flying app, I personally didn’t like it. I felt the UI was pretty awful. It’s a clunky interface and confusing controls overall It’s just not well polished. And another feature they don’t have is the remote playback of photos and videos. It’s quite often you need to show your client the footage on location to review the shot.  With the Phantom, you can not only view all the shots you captured from the air, but you also can download the shots to your mobile device and share it to the world on the spot. 

Having a full Android tablet built-in, the Typhoon H easily could have allowed you access to the Google Play store to download your instagram and social media apps and give you easy access to share your aerial drone shots while in the field. But no, not sure you can manually take out the microsd card from the camera once you’ve landed then insert it into the controller and then access your files through the file manager app. Not only is this inconvenient and unprofessional to a client. Especially if you need to get back in the air to capture more shots back and forth with the SD card so it’s very inefficient.

Follow Me Mode

Now the best of its features is the follow me mode.  Here you can raise the landing gear and have the drone and camera actively follow you using GPS wherever you go even under trees and in my testing this feature works great. Unfortunately, object avoidance is not activated in this mode which seems kind of dangerous. I heard this will be updated with that intel real-sense module, but that’s an extra $600.  On that note of retractable landing gear, it’s an easy flip of the switch and this makes the whole hexacopter look way cooler when flying around. I found this feature to be useful when using that follow-me mode for video shots so the skids weren’t in the frame or maybe if you’re using a dual operator setup.

Camera Features of Yuneec Typhoon H vs DJI Phantom 4

The camera that comes with Yuneec Typhoon H can shoot 4K video resolution which is the same as the Phantom 4. But personally, I think the Phantom 4 video and photos are much better I found the Typhoon H’s camera to be a bit too soft. The auto white balance was way off in almost all my shots. The manual controls over picture profiles and exposure settings were lacking.

Remote Control of Yuneec Typhoon H vs DJI Phantom 4

And lastly is the remote control. After I finally got it paired with the Typhoon H, I practice flying around with it using its different modes and all I got to say is “I feel the magic-wand-like remote control is more of a Gimmick Party trick. I mean seriously, flying around up and down forward and back just by the angle of pointing the wand and then that magic point to fly. It’s totally useless in my opinion. Sure having the built-in GPS for follow me mode makes it more compact, clip in and go tracking method. But besides that feature, I really disliked it overall. I would never actually use it.

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Now there’s a ton of other points I didn’t get a touch on, but this was supposed to be a quick overview and it’s the summary that mainly counts.  In closing, I think for the majority of people, we just want drones that simply work easy straight out of the box, intuitive, user-friendly, no gimmicky tricks or useless features, no complicated firmware updates or a million color-coded led signals. I want to quickly and efficiently fly with extreme confidence that this thing isn’t going to fall out of the sky or run into an object, and allow me to capture amazing aerial photo and video shots.

Who is The Winner?

Overall the Phantom 4 is so much better at doing all these things and is a much more refined aerial platform.  And one final note– price is no longer a difference [I] just checked Amazon and saw the phantom 4 is available for Literally the same price and you can check it by yourself.  So if I had a friend who is considering one or the other, I’d highly recommend The Phantom 4 over the Typhoon H.

So that’s all for now about Yuneec Typhoon H vs DJI Phantom 4. Thanks so much for reading this article. Don’t to subscribe to our weekly newsletter if you want more tech reviews and topics like this and so that we can send directly in your inbox tech topics like the one you are reading.

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