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NEWSYTechno, which stands for Newsy Technology, is all about and focuses on latest technology trends, cool gadgets, tech and gadget reviews, quality tech tips, tricks and other latest gadgets related topics. We also talk about is also about technology news, new inventions and other interesting stuff in connection to technology and its continuous advancement that help us live a better life on earth.

For the purpose of giving our readers only the best information and latest trends and news about technology, NewsyTechno monitors and tracks all the important trends and new breakthroughs in technology that shape, affect, and modernize our world; improve and simplify our lifestyle and help us solve issues and problems affecting human life in connection to this world we live.

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Hi! I am Richard Hans Aguilar, the founder and the man behind NEWSYTECHNO, I’ve been so passionate in writing articles about new breakthroughs, latest trend and what’s new in the technology world. It’s been my passion to write about any kind of topics in connection to technology, no matter how big or small they are, as long as they are technologies that help improve, modernize and for the betterment of the world we live, then you can expect to see them here in NEWSYTECHNO.


I have Bs. Sc in Commerce, majoring Management Science. And starting from the day I graduated in college, I’ve become a gadget and technology enthusiast, even though I tried pursuing some other careers and have success in them which helped me hone my skills, still I decided to leave my old careers knowing they would only lead me to the wrong directions in life. So as of now, aside from independently earning a living online in the comfort of my home, I still decided to continue pursuing my passion and enthusiasm in writing about what’s latest, what’s trending and what’s new in the technology world and I can guarantee you that I will only write and share with you about topics, news and great ideas about technology that can really help the world and that can help to improve our life and daily living as human beings in futuristic world.

One more thing, here in NewsyTechno you cannot expect to find any technological topics and subjects that can compromise, destroy, hurt, harm or put humans or our world in danger, because I’m not interested to write about such technologies that brings destruction. I will only write about what’s good, what’s best and what’s perfect in the technological world that can help to improve our world in all areas, levels and aspects; and also expect to find technological news and articles in here that can help human beings to live a better life on earth.

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