Google Pixel Buds review and first impression

Google Pixel Buds Review And First Impression

These are Google Pixel Buds. They’re kind of, sort of, Google’s answer to Apple AirPods. They’re wireless earbuds, though not truly wireless, and they cost about the same amount of money. On one hand they’re really good wireless earbuds that do a lot of the basics.  Well, while also teasing that seemingly inevitable future of […]

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Apple Homepod Review

Apple Homepod Real Review! The Truth You Should Know Before You Buy

Everything You Need To Know About Apple Homepod Before You Buy This is Apple HomePod. There are so many different kinds of thoughts, and impressions about this. The first of which being, it is way smaller than you might think. Out of the box, there’s not a whole lot going’ on. You get the HomePod […]

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