Ultra Mini Portable DLP Projector

Today I’ve got my attention on the latest, smallest portable projector I’ve ever seen and this will be able to project up to a massive 70 inch screen on your wall so this is the ultra mini portable DLP projector by docooler.

Ultra Mini Portable DLP Projector Specs

  • This has a native resolution of 640 by 360.
  • The contrast ratio is 800 to 1.
  • This supports a maximum movie resolution of 1080p.
  • With 30-lumen projection brightness and the choice of 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. With this ratio, you can enjoy watching on both TV and widescreen films in their native format.
  • You can project a screen size from 7 inches to a massive 70 inches.
  • You’ve got a built-in 1000 million amp battery which will give you approximately 60 minutes of usage and play time from a single charge.
  • And you’ve also got a built-in speaker.
  • Additionally, it can be hook up to a power bank providing you with extra time to get through the longer movies.
Ultra Mini Portable DLP Projector Specs

Once you buy this, in the package itself you can have everything you need to start using this projector. This product package comes with the user manual which is a very simple guide on how to use this projector, a microUSB cable and the awesome tiny projector itself.

And you will see how small it is. For me, this mini projector is so small and it’s much smaller than I was anticipating and it looks really cool as well.

Ports and Buttons

Now let me share with you about the ports and buttons. On the front it says DLP Texas Instruments you’ve got the lens there. If we go to the right, you’ve got power button a play button.

At the back button if we keep going on the back you’ve got a manual focus there a micro USB charging port a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and there’s a micro SD card slot and that is it there’s no other ports or anything. Very simple designed but it looks really cool.

How To Use Ultra Mini Portable DLP Projector

How To Use Ultra Mini Portable Dlp Projector

  • So how you use this projector is:
  • You get a micro SD card
  • Fill it up with all your movies and multimedia
  • Insert it into the micro SD card slot
  • And then you just basically switch it on
  • When you press the play button you’ll be able to navigate all the different folders there press ok and it will open the folder.

Other Important Things To Know About This Mini Projector

So, that’s how you use the ultra mini DLP projector by Docooler. I’m quite impressed with the size of this device and the build quality was very good. I was able to project bright and clear movies on my wall from 10 inches to 50 inches.

I especially like the fact that this is so easy to use. There is no Wi-Fi Bluetooth or USB ports. This is simply a micro SD card projector.  Just insert your SD card filled with videos or photos and watch it on the big screen. 

The sound is not too good but that was expected from such a tiny device. But I liked that they included a 3.5 millimeter headphone socket where I was able to attach my surround sound speakers and that really enhanced my experience of this portable cinema which fits in your pocket.

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What about you? Have you experienced using Ultra Mini Portable DLP Projector? If not, you definitely would like to try this one out and you’ll never miss a chance to experience a portable cinema at the comfort of your home from such a tiny device with very affordable price.

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