Best Tools For Online Productivity You Need to Know

Best Tools For Online Productivity

What you will learn in this article today is the top seven best tools for online productivity that most online business people use for their online business. So, if you are planning to engage yourself in online career or if you are already in to it, the information you will learn in this article might be of great help for you.

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Google Slides

Google Slides - Best Tools For Online Productivity

Tool number one is Google Slides. Google Slides is something that most professional online presenter and public speaker are using for their presentations as an online or public speaker. Google slides is obviously part of the Google suite of tools.

These are all free and available to anybody who has a Google or a Gmail account. And this is primarily the reason why I like this one. I would definitely recommend that you check this out. It’s actually really good. Even if you’re not a graphic designer, you can put together great PowerPoint and PDF presentations with it.



Tool number two and most important tools that most online entrepreneurs are using is invoicing software. They need to send invoices to clients and to bill them things, because that’s how they get paid.

FreshBooks will let you do your online invoicing and you will be able to do your expense tracking using this tool. It Lets you put in your cards and be able to know what you are spending your money on month to month for your business. It really helps when it comes to tax time. So that’s tool number 2 for you.

Hootsuite and Buffer

Tool number three is Hootsuite and Buffer. You can pick either one of these, but I like to use this to help with managing my social media accounts and doing some scheduled posts there. A little bit of automation goes a long way.

Using these tools, you can respond to so many of your followers in social media because of the built-in automated system features available in these tools. You can use that to distribute your content anytime and anywhere, so you can focus on the most important task you need to finish.

So that’s actually really convenient, and you should look at those if you’re trying to be everywhere at once.


Tool number four is a desktop and mobile app called Trello. Most of these are going to be desktop and mobile apps. Trello is amazing for being organized when it comes to projects. If you’re a YouTuber, you should definitely be using it.

In this case, you can it to structure and organize things for online courses that you are putting together. The reason I like Trello is one, it’s free, and then two, it’s something that you can actually add other people to your Trello boards and projects so they can help you stay organized. So for managing a team, it’s very practical.

Stripe, PayPal and Venmo

Tool number five: Stripe, PayPal and Venmo. One of the most important tools is being able to actually take payments and that’s important. So in addition to using FreshBooks for invoicing, you can also use Stripe, PayPal and Venmo to be able to receive money from people.

This might mean that you’re able to receive money from clients or from people who are part of your membership program if you have one. But also it lets you send money to freelancers that you hire. And some of them, they can’t get PayPal where they’re at, for whatever reason, or they like another one of these platforms better.

Stripe is something that works with Kajabi specifically for paid membership group. PayPal is the obvious one that’s usually universal. But sometimes people want you to send them money via Venmo, or sometimes that’s what they want to use to pay you.

So, in that case, you can allow for that by having all three of these payment systems, and you should probably have all three of these too, if you’re someone who’s doing online business. You also might want to look into Square.

Link Shortener

Tool number six is link shortener. As an online business there’s so many things you do that require you to use these very long URLs, and that’s a little hard on people sometimes. I myself use Bitly as a URL and link shortener, but it’s also great for link tracking.

Sometimes you want to know if something you’re promoting is getting traction and you need an easy way to track it. Yeah you could be using Google analytics to get really robust data on that, but sometimes you just want to know how many times did this thing get clicked in a day. And so Bitly is really convenient. It’s also free.


Last but not the least is tool number seven: Slack. We could just use Slack on our mobile devices throughout the day. By having the Slack app on our phone, one we can have multiple channels, which means we can even have a Slack channel for our client to be able to keep them up to date and have them interact with us day to day, basically through simple texts.

They could also share images, videos, whatever. And so it’s a great project management system. It’s a great way to coordinate with a team if you have an online business, or if there are people that you collaborate with on regular basis, or you want to put together kind of a micro-mastermind group, then it’s definitely a good tool to use.

So those are my top seven best tools for online productivity. These are pretty much the tools that many people, including myself, use everyday for their online activities.

And they are actually a really helpful tools for your different online tasks, activities, or even for business. They make things convenient. I would have a hard time imaging my life without the majority of these tools.

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So any, that’s my list of best tools for online productivity that you can try. But I’m curious about what tools you guys are using for your online business, and I’m curious about what online businesses you have.

So let me know in the comments section below, what are you using to make your online business function? Is it any of the tools I mentioned, or are there other tools that I should be looking at? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe to my free newsletter for you to receive amazing tech tips like this one you are reading.

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