Super Lightweight Wireless Mouse For Your Hardcore Gaming Experience

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Razer Mamba HyperFlux – A Super Lightweight Wireless Mouse

Razer Mamba HyperFlux – A Super Lightweight Wireless Mouse

What I’m going to discuss in this article is all about the Super Lightweight Wireless Mouse that you can use for your hardcore gaming experience– the RAZER MAMBA HYPERFLUX. This is the new wireless mouse that uses inductive charging to power this thing. I really like this thing so much I thought I’d do a quick review about it. So this is literally the best gaming mouse that I’ve used so far ever.

The Benefits and Advantages of Using This Mouse

Super Lightweight Mouse

The thing that I like about it that makes it special is just how lightweight It is. So what makes this mouse different from other inductively charged wireless mice is the fact that there’s no battery in this thing.

It’s a completely battery free device that has a capacitor, which I don’t think those are technically batteries. But it does hold the charge through a capacitor, but because there’s no heavy battery in there, it’s incredibly light and its really good for first-person shooter, so I like my mice really light and this thing fits the bill.

A Super Lightweight Wireless Mouse

There are lots of wireless mice out there obviously and there are wireless mice that use conductive pad. But the thing is, every single wireless mouse that I have ever used that uses inductive charging has a weight to it, and I like weighted mice for like just work and just regular stuff.

But when it comes to playing games I absolutely love light mice like this one. I can really say that this is a super lightweight wireless mouse, because this thing comes in at 96 grams.  To put this in perspective there are wireless mice out there that have, I think, like 120 150 gram weights.

This is super lightweight and when you’re playing a shooter, it’s just like it just moves around real quick, real smooth, completely wireless mouse, it’s just an awesome gaming experience.

Know How The Mouse Work Being Without The Need for Battery

Now the way this thing works is you have a mat they call this the Firefly Hyperflux mouse pad and You connect it to your computer, so this thing is actually wired. But your mouse sits on top and through induction it charges the capacitor inside this mouse.

So the charge on this thing lasts about 20 seconds maybe 30 seconds it’s not very long, but you basically always have it on the firefly hyperflux mouse pad. And when it’s on the mouse mat it never runs out of power. It basically uses the mat to sustain itself so you can kind of keep using it for indefinitely.

Razer Mamba HyperFlux

Now this thing can be used in a wired mode, so you would unplug the cable from the mousepad and connect it directly into the mouse and it’s just basically to give it some extra functionality. If you want to travel with this thing like you wouldn’t bring the mousepad with you, you just bring the mouse and the cable; and it’ll work.

The Firefly Hyperflux mechanism to power everything actually feels pretty good. You feel reliable, more reliable I thought like a wireless connection would feel, but I really like this system. So the firefly hyperflux mouse pad is reversible so you have two sides.

This has a hard surface and a soft surface I prefer the soft kind of cloth feeling side but both materials are pretty good. And the mat lights up so it’s got RGB lighting. I think this is unique to this system, like the power play and the dark core systems don’t light up like this. But it’s 2018, it’s a razer product.

You kind of expect that, I mean would this even be a Razer product if it didn’t light up an RGB.

I don’t think that the lights look Obnoxious or anything like that, because at CES I was a little bit worried that demo booth was really dark and the lights were just like glowing Like crazy.

But these are fully customizable in the software and you can control brightness and stuff, so you can basically Light it up to your heart’s content, or just keep it kind of muted.

More Features and Benefits

Razer Mamba HyperFlux Sensor

The mouse itself is using the 3360 sensor. It’s a pretty popular sensor amongst high-end mice. 16,000 dpi at the top-end, it’s fully controllable, and it’s a very responsive sensor and lot of people like it.

I personally find it extremely comfortable to hold. It’s definitely comfortable for palm grip users. I can’t speak for claw grippers because I’m not a natural claw gripper but I feel like it would work, but I feel like there’s better shape than this for claw grips.

I also like the rubber on the side I think this is something that a lot of the recent Razer mice have. I just find it more comfortable to hold than the other mice I’ve used.

Comfortability of Using The Mouse Buttons

The buttons are very razerish. I feel like most people are going to like these buttons. They’re a little bit stiffer than the razer deathadder mouse buttons, not as stiff as the Steelseries Rival 300 ones. They’re very light, but not too light.

The Cons

  • Now there are some things I don’t like about this. And a lot of these dislikes stem from the fact that this is a very expensive mouse. It’s literally one of the most expensive mice. Maybe the most expensive – I’ve ever seen.
  • I wish that the scroll wheel had some kind of tension adjustment, because we’ve seen that tech and some of razor’s other mice; It would have been nice to have seen it in this.
  • The other thing is I wish this thing had a weight adjustment. So I understand that this whole thing is supposed to be a super lightweight mouse. That really is what defines this Mouse. But for some people that prefer a heavier mouse, it would have been nice that you could kind of increase the weight of this for people like MOBA players and stuff that do prefer heavier mice. And they don’t allow that so it kind of limits that customizability of this mouse.

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But there’s not that much else I dislike about this thing. I wish it came in white obviously, but It’s a really slick mouse.  And of all the gaming mouse that I’ve tried this is seriously the best for me.

The price is expensive and it’s obviously not for everyone, but if you’re on that hunt for that perfect gaming mouse that’s got that performance of a wired mouse and the physical feel of a wired mouse but has that freedom of a wireless mouse check this thing out. It’s really awesome.

I hope this article helps you a lot in finding a super lightweight wireless mouse for your gaming experience and more. Try using razer mamba hyperflux and see it for yourself.

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