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New Apple Watch 3 vs New Fitbit Ionic! Who is The Winner?

Today, in this article we’re going to focus our attention on the updates of the New Apple Watch and with New Fitbit Ionic’s new watch, the New Fitbit Ionic. What’s really the big difference between the new updates of these two? What’s really the best between these two? To learn more and to learn everything between the new Apple Watch 3 and the new Fitbit Ionic, let’s get into the important details about them right away. So this article is all about the New Apple Watch 3 vs New Fitbit Ionic.

The New Apple Watch Series 3

New Apple Watch 3 - New Apple Watch 3 Vs New Fitbit Ionic

So Apple released a new Apple Watch called Apple Watch Series 3 and within this model there are a few changes, a few updates that are pretty impressive and we just want to match up those new updates with New Fitbit Ionic’s newest watch “the New Fitbit iconic” so within the New Apple Watch series 3, now it can house a SIM card which is now you can make and receive phone calls using the same number as your iPhone. You can receive text messages, you can use the Maps app for directions, find my friends, switches to your Apple Watch when you don’t have your phone, chat apps like WeChat and snapchat work without your iPhone. And you can stream app and music straight on to your wrist without your iPhone.

In addition to that of course you can get cellular service with that. the shape and size of the series 3 really didn’t change much from the older model. Basically it looks the same but it definitely is housing more power. This New Apple Watch contains the w2 chip which will put some more speed and longevity improvements under the hood of the series 3. Cellular model still gets the same speed and battery life as the standard version. The question of people asked a lot is “will the series 3 and cellular models fit my current New Apple Watch bands?” Thank goodness they will, so you don’t have to worry about getting different bands for the series 3.

The New Fitbit Ionic

New Fitbit IonicNow let’s look at some improvements with the New Fitbit Ionic. It has now added a new sensor called spo2 sensor which makes it possible for users to get deeper health insights like tracking and sleep apnea. It’s also able to stream music, it can hold up to 2.5 gigs of music or it can access Pandora. However, you have to have a paid account or accounts to use that feature. You can also connect your credit card so you can leave your wallet at home and still go for a post-workout snack. There’s also a weather app and it’s Starbucks app.

New Fitbit Ionic is now Waterproof

The New Fitbit Ionic is now water resistant up to 50 meters so you can actually go and have a swim with your New Fitbit Ionic on. It’ll show swimmers’ exercise duration, real time-lapse,  and calories burned for swims.

New Fitbit Ionic Coach

Another improvement is you can access personal trainer and it’s called New Fitbit Ionic coach. Using this, you will be able to access on-device workouts and programs designed for your training goals. There also be having audio coaching sessions which will provide tips and motivation on increasing speed and endurance while keeping your right shape. The New Fitbit Ionic will be coming out with a lot of new accessories. They’ll be launching the New Fitbit Ionic flyer and waterproof and sweat-resistant premium sound wireless headphones which are built for fitness purposes.  Also they’ll be coming out with the New Fitbit Ionic Aria – a new version wifi smart scale which helps users to track body composition. The wifi smart scale connects with New Fitbit Ionic watches and bands in order to give you an even more data to help you in even reaching your desired nutrition, weight, health and even your desired fitness goals.

The Comparison: New Apple Watch 3 vs New Fitbit Ionic

New Apple Watch 3 Vs New Fitbit Ionic! Which is The Best?

So now let’s look at a very quick comparison between the two. Why should you get New Apple Watch three versus why I should get the New Fitbit Ionic?

Screen Resolution And Water Resistance

The New Apple Watch 3 with its biggest screen at 42 millimeters has a resolution of 312×390. Both units have a 1000 nits displayed brightness which is great for outdoor use. Compared to the New Fitbit Ionic, the New Fitbit Ionic has a 1.42 inch touch screen with 340×250 resolution that goes up to 1000 nits in brightness as well. So what comes to the screens of these smartwatches, both smartwatches are pretty bright screens that work really well in outdoor light and both smartwatches are water-resistant up to 40 millimeters. Meaning they’re both safe to be shoes in the pool or in the shower.

Comparing The Sensor

When it comes to sensors both watches are pretty close in this race both have GPS, accelerometer, a heart rate monitor and an altimeter which is able to measure elevation. But with the New Fitbit Ionic its new spo2 sensor is actually able to detect blood oxygen levels and also is supposed to be able to improve sleep tracking by detecting conditions such as sleep apnea.

Exercise Tracking

So when it comes to activity and exercise tracking, the New Fitbit Ionic also wins out here because it has the advantage of being able to automatically track exercises so you can just go ahead and start exercising and it will automatically receive that data unlock it for you. The New Apple Watch isn’t really as automated when it comes to exercise in this regard.


Smartwatch Functionality

When it comes to smartwatch functionality and apps, the New Apple Watch 3 definitely wins out because it has a distinctive advantage when it comes to having so many apps available before the watch itself in so much functionality available. You’re able to text friends, download multiple apps, all sorts of stuff you’re able to do and you can also use see me with New Apple Watch 3. All of which you can’t really do with the New Fitbit Ionic.

So, there you have it. You can also decide who is the winner. In this article about New Apple Watch 3 vs New Fitbit Ionic, which do you think is the winner? Please leave your comment down below.

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