Jabra Elite 65t In-Depth Review: Should We Buy These Wireless Earbuds?

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Jabra Elite 65t review

Jabra Elite 65t In-Depth Review

We can see every day that wireless earbuds are now becoming even more popular. These cool gadgets are now no longer strange things to us as we embrace the advancement and innovation in technology happening now. But today, it’s all about Jabra Elite 65t review. So, the main focus of this article is to review the Jabra 65t wireless earbuds and to share with you about what these earbuds have to offer.

For starters, I can definitely tell the evolution of its design. It definitely looks and feels more refined and it’s not grossly out of proportion when you wear them.

Are These Wireless Earbuds Worth The Money?

Those of us who love listening to music on the go, know that there’s really no better option than a nice pair of small in-ear headphones. The problem though is that with more cell phones going fully wireless, without a headphone jack, you’re going to have to get some fully wireless earbuds too.

And while there are a couple good options in the market like Apple’s Airpods or Bragi’s headphones, I actually think, it’s the new Jabra elite 65t wireless earbuds that take the cake in terms of fully wireless listening.

Build Quality

Even though it’s still constructed primarily out of plastic, it definitely still has a premium feel to it. It has this professional look. It’s kind of similar to those old-school boom mics on the headsets. But instead of having something really long or protruding, it’s a very small knob here.

For me the silicone ear tips do a great job at giving it the right amount of suction so it stays in place. Even though it features an IP55 rating which technically makes them water-resistant to an extent, these are not the type of pair that you’re going to be submerging though.

Yes, Jabra elite 65t is dust and water resistant. They are great for going on walks in the rain. They’ll work in any kind of environment and you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged.

Now for fitness fanatics, there might be a little bit apprehensive about using these earbuds. But using them at the gym, I didn’t have any issues whatsoever. So, when you remove the elite 65t from their case and put them in your ears for the first time, they’ll actually prompt you how to connect them via bluetooth to your phone.

So that’s all quick and painless and you can just immediately start listening to music that way. You also want to download the Jabra sound+ app because it does offer some additional functions.

You can go into some more advanced functionality adjustment via the app. So, if you open up the app it’ll take you to a main screen and it’ll give you options like adjusting equalizer and the way that your voice sounds on calls and then some more advanced features.

 The interface is laid out nicely. It’s very simple and straightforward. I like fact that it features an actual percentage for the battery life as opposed to just an icon.

Features And Functionality

Now one of its main features of Jabra elite 65t is the Hearthrough function which essentially allows ambient sound to be amplified by the earbuds. If you turn it on, it will allow you to adjust just how much of the outside world that you hear.

So, if you’re riding a bicycle, if you’re trying to hear announcements on public transit, you can still be listening to your music and a little bit of the outside world gets piped in. And that’s particularly important with these headphones because they have such a nice tight seal that they actually will block in a lot of the outside world when you’re listening.

This essentially gives you super man-like hearing. I got to admit it works incredibly well because the amplification is pretty strong and you could pretty much listen in to any conversation.

There’s also the Sidetone feature which is pretty useful when you’re in a phone call because it’ll basically boost your voice so you can hear your own voice through the ear buds while you’re talking someone.

So, like many fully wireless headphones the Jabra elite 65t integrate to your phone’s smart assistant. But what’s cool about these in particular is you can actually choose whether you want that to be your phone’s default.

This only means you can either choose Google Assistant or you can also use Amazon Alexa through your Amazon account.

Lastly, I really appreciate that it offers custom equalizer settings because it gives you control of how you want the music to sound.


The biggest problem with most of these true wireless headphones is that they have really poor connectivity often dropping connections very frequently. Luckily, that’s not a problem here with Jabra Elite 65t. It leverages Bluetooth 5.0 and I have to say, it’s probably one of the most consistent in maintaining its connectivity.

I didn’t experience one instance where it dropped its connection which is pretty impressive. And best of all, you could actually use Jabra 65t wireless earbuds for watching movies or videos, because there are no latency issues whatsoever. So, the audio is in sync to what you’re watching well while some earbuds leverage touch controls.

The Jabra 65t wireless earbuds stick with physical controls and that’s not a bad thing. Just because there are no accidental presses whatsoever. And on top of that, you’ll have dedicated functions, so yes you can do things like adjust the volume, you could pause/play a track, you can access the voice assistant service and you can turn on or off the Hearthrough feature.

Like I mentioned earlier the Jabra elite 65t earbuds offer custom equalizer settings obviously it’s wonderful that you have it here. For me, I think this should be a standard with every pair of true wireless headphones because it gives you complete control of the sound.

Sound Quality

When you compare them to industry leaders like Apple’s airpods, it’s really that seal that gives them such a sonic advantage. There are other great fully wireless headphones in terms of sound. Bragi ‘s the headphone that comes to mind but the fact is that Jabra Elite 65t has way more features and just costs a tiny bit more money.

So, I’m pretty happy with the sound quality out of the headphones. Even if you don’t choose to adjust the equalizer settings, the audio quality is still crisp and it delivers a well-balanced tone that doesn’t seem to overemphasize one specific audio range.

There’s also no distortion whatsoever if you place it on the loudest volume setting. The only issue I have with the audio performance is that it doesn’t really do a great job of suppressing noise. Even with the snugfit, I could still hear the music being played by the speakers in the gym and it was kind of distracting.

Obviously, the best way to combat this is to just increase the volume, but I kind of wish that it did offer some sort of noise cancellation feature or at least better noise suppression.

Battery Life

When the biggest pitfalls for the Jabra Elite Sport before was its poor battery life, that’s not something to be concerned about with Jabra Elite 65t. That’s because it delivered the best performance we’ve seen yet in a pair of true wireless headphones.

It’s rated for 5 hours but we got well close to 6 hours from a full charge and that is what I call serious longevity.

They included battery charging case which can extent the battery life of Jabra Elite 65t because it will deliver an additional 10 extra charges.

Unfortunately, the battery charging case itself is pretty generic. You don’t get any added features with it.

Is Jabra Elite 65T Affordable?

Probably the biggest relief that we have with the Jabra Elite 65T wireless earbud is that it is priced lower than its predecessor.

That’s very forgiving considering the hefty cost of its previous model. On top of that, it places it in the red competition against some of the mainstream offerings out there.

Sure, there’s no fitness aspect attached to this pair of headphones. But when it comes to the basics and casual music listening, Jabra Elite 65t price is more than suitable.

Pros And Cons


  • Water resistant
  • Solid connection
  • Great sound quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Excellent battery life


  • MicroUSB charging
  • Call quality can be affected when you are in noisy environments

Final Thoughts

From its custom equalizer settings to the rich sound quality and it’s a remarkable battery life, they really improve a lot of things with the Jabra Elite 65t. And I have to say it’s a solid offering to kick off the year.

And that is my review of the Jabra elite 65T wireless earbuds. If you want to learn more about them, you can check out more details, latest price and deals from amazon by clicking here.

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