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ILIFE A6 Home Cleaning Robot Review

In this modern time, smartphone is just a common thing that most people have. And we can see most people around the world already have their own smartphones. It has already become an important part of our life helping us to manage day-to-day activities, entertainment, social life and essentially making our life simple.

What if this could happen with your home as well? So in this article, we will be talking about ILIFE A6 smart cleaning robot. The most advanced cleaning robot from ILIFE.

This ILIFE A6 home cleaning robot is a perfect companion for your home as it relieves you from the hassle of cleaning and thereby giving you more time to do what really matters to you.

Unboxing The ILIFE A6 Home Cleaning Robot

Unboxing The ILIFE A6 Home Cleaning Robot

Now moving on to the unboxing, the ILIFE A6 robot comes in two layers secure packing with cardboard outer box and the second branded packing inside it. In opening the box, you can see all the components are securely packed to avoid any kind of transit damage.

The components in the box include the following:

  • The ILIFE A6 robot
  • Charging home-based
  • User manual
  • Remote control with LCD display and its batteries
  • Charging adapter
  • Invisible wall with batteries
  • Cleaning tool
  • Extra side brush
  • HEPA filter
  • And extra main brush

Build Quality

The ILIFE A6 home cleaning robot is built out of high quality plastic and you will see how glossy it is on the top surface which makes it look elegant where it also makes it easy to clean and maintain.

On the front there is a bumper protection provided which can absorb impact to the walls during operation while it’s intelligent enough to avoid cliffs and drops, all thanks to the advanced cliff sensors.

The Top Panel of ILIFE A6 Robot

Top Panel Of Ilife A6 Home Cleaning Robot

The top panel of ILIFE A6 cleaning robot accommodates only two buttons, the auto-clean button to start and stop cleaning and the dustbin ejection button for rejecting the dustbin to complete the cleaning process.

The power button and the direct charging port are placed on the side panel and the total height of the robot is 7.2 centimeters. While it weighs around 2.5 kg.

Bottom Panel Of ILIFE A6 Robot

Bottom Panel Of ILIFE A6 Home Cleaning Robot

The bottom panel is where all the cleaning actions happens. Rotating motion of the side brush brings the dust to the center, while ascender main brush sucks it into the dust bin.

Now coming to the cleaning modes, the ILFE A6 offers three modes of cleaning:

  • Auto mode
  • Spot cleaning mode
  • And edge cleaning mode

Auto Mode and Spot Cleaning Mode of ILIFE A6

In auto mode, the ILIFE A6 cleaning robot does cleaning automatically in relying on its own sensors. Whereas in spot mode, user can concentrate on a particular spot.

All you have to do is just place the robot at the area to be cleaned and plus the spot cleaning button on the remote to clean the surface in a spiral path.

Edge Cleaning Mode

The edge cleaning mode which can be initiated by brushing the edge cleaning button makes the ILIFE A6 robot focus on the edges. The robot will stick to the edges of the cleaning space ensuring no dirt will remain at the edges once it’s finished.

Schedule Cleaning Feature of ILIFE A6 Robot

The ILIFE A6 cleaning robot also comes with option to schedule daily cleaning so that the robot will automatically start cleaning at the specified time.

It is also intelligent enough to return to the charging home once the battery drops below particular percentage and will resume the job once it’s charged.

We can also make the ILIFE A6 robot return to the home by pressing the home button on the remote and it will automatically find the way back to the home base.

Invisible Barrier Feature of ILIFE A6 Robot

Invisible Wall Feature Of ILIFE A6 Robot

The invisible wall provided in the box helps to create an invisible barrier that A6 robot will not cross. Just turn the switch on found at the top of the invisible wall and place it where you want to limit the cleaning activity and the A6 robot will automatically deflect it, just like it encountered a real wall.

ILIFE A6 Battery

Battery Life of ILIFE A6 home cleaning robot

Talking about the battery test, the ILIFE A6 home cleaning robot features 2600mAh battery which took approximately five hours to be fully charged. We were able to get approximately two hours of working time while we were able to clean approximately 600 square feet of area within 10 minutes.

So overall I should say I am very impressed with results I was never expecting the ILIFE A6 home cleaning robot to be this effective in what it does so I would surely recommend this to all who are thinking of buying such product.

So that’s pretty much I have in terms of the review of the ILIFE A6 home cleaning robot and if you liked this article, please share this with your friends in social media. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for you to receive our best technology updates like this one you are reading.

I also want to know if you have any experience in using this product. Let me know about your idea and experience about this ILIFE A6 robot by leaving a comment down below.

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