Eight Important Gboard Tips and Tricks You Should Be Using

Learn These Eight Important Gboard Tips and Tricks You Should Be Using

Know these Gboard tips and tricks so that your android phone can help you in so many ways. Whether you are sending a work email to your boss or chatting with your friends on WhatsApp.

Believe it or not, your Keyboard app is one of the most used apps on your device And if you are using something frequently. Then make sure you know, how to use it effectively. So, few months back, Google rebranded their Google Keyboard to Gboard Which is basically their old keyboard.

But now It also comes with build in google search. So, if you need to search for some restaurant, movie, or directions, you can do that from within keyboard.

And since its launch, This keyboard app has received many new functionalities Like translate, GIF, one hand typing etc. Overall, making their keyboard app, far better than its competitions.

So, here are my top Eight Important Gboard tips and tricks you should be using. Now, I’m not saying these are lesser known tips or tricks You might already know one, two or even half of them. But with something you use every single day It’s good to know every trick in the book. Right? And With that being said Let’s get started.

1. Quickly Access Special symbols.

Quickly Access Special symbols.

My base password has lot of special symbols Like % , $, and bracket etc. Now, the traditional to type them is — First tap the number tab and there you’ll find some common special character.

But if you need more, then tap again the special number key and then go back by pressing the letters key. Overall it’s 3 tap in total. And I’ve to do that multiple times While typing my password. Well, guess what.

There is an easier way to do that. Tap and hold the period key, and you’ll get a pop-up with all the popular symbols. Just, slide your finger over the symbol you want to use and there you go.

2. Move The Cursor by Swiping.

Move The Cursor by Swiping - Gboard Tips and Tricks

It’s almost impossible to place the pointer right with single attempt Well, thankfully you to precisely move the cursor in a text field with by swiping across the space bar. So, swipe if you swipe to left The cursor moves left And if you swipe to right The cursor goes right.

3. Type with one hand.

Typing with your single thumb can be a daunting task, especially when the screens are getting bigger each year Well. Thankfully Gboard, has a nifty one hand typing feature. Simply long press the search icon and then tap on One handed mode.

And this will shirk Your keyboard on right side of the screen Which of course, you can move to left by tapping on this arrow or turn it off completely by tapping on expand button

4. Swipe to Delete.

Swipe to Delete.

Similarly, if you often change your mind while typing, you don’t have to tap or even hold the delete button. To delete the complete sentences Instead, tap on the delete button and then slowly swipe to the left. Once you released your finger, the selected text is gone.

However, If you do it fast, It won’t work the key here is to swipe slowly though. If you tend to do this by accident, you can always tap on the prediction area to get undone what you just did. Or get type machine app which is like a recycle bin for everything you type.

5. Translate As You Type.

Translate As You Type

So, if you want to chat with your distant relative who speaks and write different language. Or if you simply want to troll your friends with a language that none of you two understand, then use the build in translate feature.

And here is how it works:

  • First, tap the Google icon.
  • Next tap on Google Translate button.
  • Select a language you’d like it to be translated to.
  • And then start typing.

And you can type and translate in real time without having to leave the current app.

6. Get a Dedicated Number Row.

One of the most welcomed update of Gboard is the option to add a persistent number row on the top. Earlier, when you have to type numbers in my sentence you have to switch between the symbols and letters. But with this feature, you see a dedicated number row at the top of the keypad. But you have to activate this feature from settings.

  • To do that.
  • Tap on Google icon and Gboard settings.
  • Tap on preference.
  • And enable number ROW.

But if you’ve fat fingers and need more space for typing numbers, then you can enable Gboard’s numeric keypad.

• First tap on symbol button and then
• then tap on the button that says, 1234 6 and there you go.

7. Set some shortcuts.

In my previous video, I got a comment from Gourav In which he asked why don’t you use personal dictionary option in gboard instead of Textpand app And well, we will come to answer later on, But first let’s see what he meant.

So, basically, if you have to type your Email address, phone number, or work address quite a lot. Then, you can set abbreviation for that.
To do That! Here are some steps to follow
Just go to:

• Gboard settings
• Dictionary
• And under personal dictionary
• Tap on for all languages
• And then set a keyphrase and shortcut.

Now, it should to work for most people and I encourage people to use it. But, the reason, I didn’t recommend this as text expansion is because of 2 reason. It has a character limit of around 30 letters.

And second, it doesn’t work everywhere (like this feature will work on messaging app, where you see prediction, but it won’t on other places like chrome, but an texpand app will) But nevertheless this is a cool feature.

8. Use GiF in WhatsApp/Gmail.

Now, if you are still not convinced to using gboard then, I guess, this feature will make you reconsider it. We can use GIF in Gboard. Right?

But initially, it was limited to few apps like Google hangout. Which, let’s face it, not many people use these days. But now, you’ll be glad to know your favorite apps like Gmail and WhatsApp Also supports GIF directly from Gboard.

To do that, simply long press the search icon at bottom left. Next tap on GIF and there you have it. You can search for all popular GIF and send it right away.

Though, if you want to make it work on WhatsApp, you need to install the beta version of whatsapp (it won’t work on lates whatsapp version). And once you do that, You’ll be able to send GIF directly from your keyboard Using GBoard.

Well, this is all for now, I hope you will be able to use these 8 Gboard tips and tricks in your daily life activities and tasks. If you like this article, you might consider sharing this with others. So, that’s it for now, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest updates directly in your inbox.

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