Marshall Mid Active Noise Cancelling Headphone
Marshall Mid ANC Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Check Price Today

Today I’m going to be talking about Marshall Mid Active Noise Cancelling Headphone. if you’re a street-weary rocker and you’re looking to combine the outside world into one by listening  to beautiful music everyday, you’ll probably be very interested in this new pair of headphones from Marshall. They’re called the mid ANC and they add active noise cancellation to the company’s already awesome mid on ear headphones. The first thing you’ll notice about the new mid a and see is that they add a little bit to the price tag of the original mid. What you get for that is a couple cool stylistic upgrades that you didn’t have in the original model. the coolest thing that you get with the mid am see that you don’t get with the standard model is this awesome leather carrying case. It has the rad rock-and-roll aesthetic that we really like from marshall.

 Active Noise Cancellation Switch

There are a couple aesthetic changes to the marshall mid and c to let you know that it’s not a slap together update and the first is this gold lettering on the standard model you just get white. And then if you look on the inside of the headband and flip it over, you see that they’ve added a different material for the headband that sticks a little bit better to your head and this gold Marshall lettering on the inside as well. So the only functional change to the new mid ansi headphone is this active noise cancellation to switch. You switch it on by just flipping it up switch it off by flipping it down.  See the image below:

Marshall Mid Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Switch

Marshall Mid Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Control Switch

One thing we love that stuck around on this version of the mid is the small little brass thumb stick which you can see in the image below, and that controls everything on the headphones so you press it to turn the headphones on or de pair or play in pause left and right will change songs and up and down will change the volume.

Control Switch

So besides the case you get the same accessories that came with the standard model.  It comes with a micro USB charging cable and then you have a 3.5 millimeter microphone cable for using wired with a phone that still has a headphone jack.  Just like the original mid model the new mid ANSI has a very tight clamping force and what that means for an on-ear headphone is that actually you get some excellent passive noise isolation right out of the box.  So when you add in the new active noise cancellation features you get a very silent listening experience.

They don’t quite offer you the same amount of sonic isolation as the sony WH 1000 X Mark 2 or the Bose key C 35. But both of those are more premium over your headphones so we don’t really expect them to compete. But in this mid-to your price bracket they actually do offer you quite a great amount of sonic isolation whether you’re on the train in an office or on a plane you really won’t hear much of what’s going on around you and that’s impressive.

In terms of sound, these offer the same punchy depth and fun to listen to characteristics that we loved about the original mid.  In fact, they sound identical as far as we can tell. Even with active noise cancellation engaged, you don’t get any weird background noise or bluetooth hum and that can sometimes be an issue with active noise cancellation headphones and wireless headphones in general.

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When you couple the great sound with the good looks of these headphones it kind of makes them a unique product in this marketplace.  And it gives you a better look than some of the more office casual noise cancelling headphones out there. Much like Marshall’s famed instrument amps, these are very energetic and punchy and so they really bring a lot of depth to rock music from the 60s, 70s and beyond; but even then you can listen to hip-hop you can listen to jazz really any instrumental music is going to sound fantastic on these headphones.

If you’re looking for a stylish pair of wireless headphones that also offer great silence then Marshall Mid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are an awesome pair and they’re absolutely worth considering just for that alone they’re so unique they offer a great sound profile and you absolutely will not regret buying them. So don’t hesitate to try this one out and you yourself will see how amazing this is.

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